J Block
Central Park Housing Scheme, Lahore

J Block Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore

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Development work has almost 90% completed in J Block. Its Park and Mosque have been constructed

J Block – Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore

Exploring the Charms of J Block in Central Park Housing Scheme, Lahore

Nestled within the heart of Lahore, Central Park Housing Scheme is a flourishing community known for its modern amenities, green spaces, and well-planned infrastructure. Among its many blocks, J Block stands out as a distinctive area that captures the essence of comfortable living. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the unique features and attractions that make J Block a coveted locale in Central Park Housing Scheme.

1. Prime Location:

J Block enjoys a strategic location within Central Park Housing Scheme, offering residents easy access to key facilities and neighboring areas. Whether it’s educational institutions, healthcare facilities, or shopping centers, J Block provides a convenient hub for a well-rounded lifestyle.

2. Residential Diversity:

One of the notable aspects of J Block is its diverse range of residential options. From spacious villas to modern apartments, the block caters to various housing preferences, making it an inclusive community for individuals and families alike.

3. Parks and Recreational Spaces:

Green spaces are an integral part of J Block’s charm. Parks and recreational areas are thoughtfully integrated into the block’s design, providing residents with places to relax, exercise, and connect with nature. Well-maintained jogging tracks and playgrounds add to the overall appeal for families and fitness enthusiasts.

4. Community Facilities:

J Block boasts a range of community facilities, fostering a sense of togetherness among residents. Community centers, mosques, and social gathering spaces contribute to a vibrant community atmosphere, promoting interaction and engagement.

5. Educational Institutions:

For families with children, the proximity to quality educational institutions is a significant advantage. J Block is likely to have reputable schools and colleges nearby, ensuring that residents have access to excellent educational opportunities.

6. Security and Infrastructure:

Central Park Housing Scheme is known for its commitment to security and robust infrastructure. J Block aligns with this reputation, offering residents a safe and well-maintained environment. Modern infrastructure, including well-lit streets and efficient waste management, adds to the overall appeal of the block.

7. Future Developments:

As Central Park Housing Scheme continues to evolve, it’s worth keeping an eye on any upcoming developments in J Block. New amenities, infrastructure improvements, or community events can further enhance the living experience for residents.

In conclusion, J Block in Central Park Housing Scheme is a microcosm of modern living, combining convenience, greenery, and community spirit. Whether you are a potential resident or just curious about Lahore’s evolving landscape, exploring J Block provides insights into the dynamic and thriving community within Central Park Housing Scheme.

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J Block, 3.5m payment plan

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J Block 5 Marla

10 Marla Plot
Installment Payment Plan in J Block Central Park

J Block, 10m residental plot payment plan


• Development charges applicable at actual.
• 10% Extra on facing 50’ road.
• 15% Extra on facing 60’ road or facing park or corner.
• 20% Extra on facing 50’ road + corner or facing park + corner or facing 80’ road.
• 25% Extra on facing 80’ road + corner or facing 150’ road.
• 35% Extra on facing 150’ road + corner

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